Wedding Dos and Don'ts

There are many hints and tips for brides online, and loads wedding advice articles in magazines etc so this page is perhaps unnecessary, however we have summarized some of the points made on our website in this short list.
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  • Don't pick a wedding venue that does not have reasonable access to the outside world. The chances are your wedding guest will included smokers and if your gran has to climb four flights of stairs every time she needs a quick puff she will not be happy .
  • Do think of the children, during a long wedding celebration kids get bored and if your wedding party venue has an outside space, unsupervised kids may wonder off a bouncy castle will be perfect.
  • Don't spend a fortune. This is the most ignored advice but with the credit crunch still with us it needs to be said. There is no point having a wedding celebration you cannot afford and taking years to pay off a loan. On her big day its essential the bride feels special in whatever she wears, but beyond that the only important elements are the ceremony itself, party food (if you are on a budget everyone will understand buying there own drinks) and the party entertainment.
  • Do think about catering not everyone will eat meat and some may even have dietary concerns or suffer allergies.
  • Don't give your wedding DJ a 100% playlist which do not work. Even if you have asked all your friends and family to select one track to make your list is a compilation of everyone's favourites it still will not work. For more info on this check Wedding Party Playlists.
  • Do make sure your party guests who do not like loud music are not sitting right next to the DJs sound system. It can spoil a party if your DJ is being constantly told to turn it down by the people at the front and told to turn it up by the people at the back.
  • Don't stay up late the night before and do have a decent breakfast in the morning. It may be the most important day if your life but it will also be one of the longest. You will need plenty of energy for the days events and perhaps another early night.
  • Do enjoy yourself, if its your wedding or you are helping to organise a wedding for a friend then this is the main and most important thing we can suggest .
  • Don't listen to negative comments, everyone may have different ideas of how things should be but you are the only one who is actually right.

And finally if it is your wedding Don't forget to say I Do

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The wedding Celebration

A wedding celebration is meant to be a happy, joyful occasion surrounded with love, so why is it also so stressful? The only answer to that question is that we allow it to be so. When all things are considered a successful wedding only really needs the happy couple just to be happy, and surrounded by their friends and family who all wish them well. When compared to a long and happy life together the details of the day are merely icing on the cake. So when you think about it, there really is no need to loose sleep over details such as the icing on the wedding cake.

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