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WeddingDJ Playlist

Unfortunatly there is no magic wedding party playlist that the DJ can use to please everyone so its essential your wedding DJ can read the crowd. Reading the crowd essentialy involves knowing what was the most popular music tracks for each age group are, and gauging at which point in the party its approppriate to play these inporatant tracks.

However beacuse a Wedding DJ can only play a limated number of tracks, its also very important to work out correct ratios based on how positively each group is likly to react. For example the preteens may hit the dance floor to tracks fromGlee or the latest boy band but later in the party these same tracks will clear the dance floor if filled by older dancers. Likewise gran may love the hits of the 60s but too many of these and the dance floor will be a lonly place to be.

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Requests on the night are a great way to help build a party atmosphere, and often will remind people in the audince of anogher occasion such as a birthday, engagment party or even then hen night. This helps to create a feeling of involvement and a shared senes of 'lets enjoy ouselves tonight.' Strangely long prearranged playlists have the opposite effect and are in all cases a disater. Requests are always welcome and we encorage clients to send us a list of favourite music before the event, but wedding playlists of more than 30 tunes do not allow the DJ for room to manover and simply do not work. In the past we have been sent long playlists which include a huge range of different music styles. These lists are made when each invited geust has been asked to suggest a music track when they RSVP. The problem with this is that the DJ needs to know who has asked for what and if they are actually in the room at the time of playing. If you suggest a few of your favourite tracks a experinced party DJ will know many similar tracks and by reading the crowd and taking requests work out a music selection that will work for everyone.
image for top wedding DJ Like all special occasions a wedding party is a social event where friends and family will want to have a chat and catch up on some gossip. However most parties are judged to be great fun if there has been lots of dancing, so a wedding DJ will always aim to fill the dance floor. A good wedding DJ will need to adjust volume as approriate throghout the evening. To encourage people onto the dance floor its important for the wedding DJ to play upbeat music at a resonable volume. For this reason its always a good idea to reserve some seating well away from the mobile disco set up and the dance floor if think some of your guests would prefer just to chat all night. Some parties can be spoiled if someone, who hates loud music sits right at the front and keeps moaning about the noise. If the DJ has to turn down the music for them then nobody at the back will hear a thing and that can stop the paty atmosphere developing.
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