Music for the perfect wedding celebration

Wedding Music

A professional Wedding DJ will use quality mobile disco equipment that costs a fortune and will sound and look fantastic. However the main tool of a DJs trade is the music, and selecting the right music mix for the occasion takes a considerable level of experience. It is far more difficult to get the music balance right at a family party with a wide range of ages than it is at an 18th birthday party with an audience of mostly young adults and teenagers. At wedding celebration's not only will there be all ages from 1 to 101 but also two separate families and groups of friends will be coming together often for the first time.

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Many inexperienced DJ's are pleased to accept very long play lists and announce the music at your wedding will be brilliant because they will be playing only what you have selected. In reality weddings are difficult for a DJ to get right and long play lists are the easy way to shift responsibility to you. The fact is a party is not made perfect by playing one, or in the case of a wedding two peoples all time top 100 tunes. The best parties are when the DJ can read the crowd and works in tracks that get a positive reaction, vary's the music when the audience want a change of pace to include party tunes, favourite oldies and the latest club and chart sounds as appropriate. It may be your big day but almost everyone wants everyone at their party to be happy, so music that matches everyones taste is what we aim for. A great party atmosphere is developed when music track played by the DJ is in reaction to how well the one before was received. This is know as reading the crowd and is something that can only ever be judge correctly on the night.

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Wedding DJ Playlists

Some wedding DJs will suggest you provide a 100% playlist to ensure excellent music for your special occasion. What they actually mean is they have little or no experience at wedding parties and do not know what to play. Although its it is your party, and we love to play your requests a 100% playlist does not help the DJ build the party atmosphere and your occasion will not be the wonderful wedding celebration it should be . If your DJ is an experienced wedding DJ Its much better to provide a list of about 10 to 20 of your favourite tunes and on the night make sure your friends and family are free to ask for requests.

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