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Recently Pro mobile disco was asked to supply a mobile disco and a wedding DJ for a corporate film for the Nokia mobile phone company. The film would tell the story of a little girl who falls in love and marry's the boy she first meets at the age of five at their school play. The boys family was originally from Italy and the idea of the film was to show how Nokia phones can help connect people and share events in real time.


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The film was produced by Catsnake films who are based at Ealing studios. The production team shot in several locations both here and in Italy and DJ Jim Costello was the DJ for the wedding party. As a top Wedding DJ Jim will know what music to play and what equipment to use at a real wedding celebration but to recreate this on film is a different matter. To give the creative team a choice DJ Jim brought to the film location various different mobile disco setups. As with any film, visualisation is very important so equipment included old fashioned light boxes to modern LED DMX lighting effects bolted to a 9ft table tower stand. However none of this mobile disco equipment was used. Instead two techniques turntables where placed on a table, covered with a star cloth. To enhance the ambience the director wanted coloured gels placed over the windows which where then backlit. As well as supplying the equipment DJ Jim had to act the role of the wedding DJ. In one scene Jim had to pretend not to have a tune requested by the bridesmaids, they were unhappy and gave him a real hard time. Now in real life we normally always have just about every requested record but some times we do have to fib and pretend otherwise. We use our experience to know what's the best tune to play and when the best time to play each tune would be. Jim may not win any oscars but as a Wedding DJ it was a fun of day of filming.
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If you require a wedding DJ that is not just acting the part but can actually do the job, contact the wedding DJ professionals. Pro mobile disco has performed at thousands of weddings and has the mobile disco equipment music and wedding party know how to help make it a wonderful and special wedding celebration.
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